Cover Girl 3 in 1 Foundation


Cover Girl 3 in 1 Foundation

Let me start off buying saying I am not usually a fan of Cover Girl products. This foundation, however, re-peaked my interest in what they can bring to the table. I first wore this to a wedding in hot July weather. It’s longevity was tested without a doubt. Not only did it withstand being on my face for 12 hours, but it withstood humidity, tonnes of hugs and dancing the night away. I have oily prone skin so I usually get pretty slick by mid day, but not with this product. I did blot a couple times, but nothing out of the ordinary. I would definitely say it has Medium-Heavy coverage, which is great for an event such as a wedding.I did notice any white cast in photos which is a huge plus. I would not suggest this for every day use, as it is a little on the heavy side for me personally! I applied this in a stippling motion using my flat top kabuki bush and later buffing it out to make it look more natural. I did not use a primer as it has one built into it already! Over all, this is a fantastic product that I would 100 % recommend.


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